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Audrey Meyer is a Professional Ocean Sports & Fitness Athlete sponsored by O’Neill and Maui Jim.

She Started her love for watersports at 12 when her brother introduced her to windsurfing in South of France. Later, she moved to Reunion Island to live her passion: surfing and windsurfing while studying and earned a master’s degree in physical education and Sports Management.

She then went to Maui, Hawaii, in the early 2000, got hooked on kiteboarding  and became an IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) certified kite instructor.

Audrey has now been running the Dare2fly Kiteboarding school since 2001, on the North Shore of the Dominican Republic where she coaches her love for ocean sports and wellness. She has been competing on the the PKRA (Professional Kite Rider Association) World Tour and was ranked 5th best female kiteboarder.

Audrey has been crowned 3 times Female “Master of the Ocean”, a windsurfing, kitesurfing, Stand Up Paddle Surfing & surfing competition in the waves between 2010 and 2012. She competed in some of the biggest Stand Up Paddle Board race competitions and place 2nd at the Gerry Lopez  “Battle of the Paddle” at Dana point, CA in 2010.

There is nothing more rewarding than being that coach to make a difference in someone’s life. Being a professional kiteboarder made me push my limit and perform at the top of the game, with balance, strength, endurance and flexibility.  

Through my coaching sessions, I am helping everyone pushing their physical, mental and psychic abilities beyond the limit and expending their Comfort ZONE as their ability progresses. I believe that the human body has immense capability to grow and expand beyond the limitations that we all impose on ourselves.

Fitness Instructor and “Yoga For Surfers®” certified Instructor , Audrey Meyer, is a Stand Up Paddle Fitness professional. Owner of Yoga4SUP, she will take her workouts to the water, and  help you improve your paddle technique and have fun. She enjoys to motivate and inspire other people to achieve their individual Health & Fitness Goals and is offering some Wellness Retreats in the Dominican Republic, one of the best place on earth for a perfect getaway. Blossom Retreat is a SUP/surf and Yoga retreat with healthy and delicious food, massages, and much more.

Sharing the love of the ocean and the respect of the elements, you can join Audrey Meyer at her “Blossom Water Sports & Yoga Retreats” in Cabarete where she has settled home 15 years ago to be closer to the ocean and enjoy life.


Jens Baur is a strong and powerful wave rider.

Windsurfer, Surfer, Stand Up Paddle Surfer, you will see him in the biggest waves charging hard and strong.

Cabarete based since 20 years, Jens Baur will be bringing his wave riding spirit on the reef and show you how to read the ocean and catch your the best wave of your life!

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