Stand Up Paddle Boarding

The Fastest Growing Sport



Please Contact us if you would like to make a booking for rentals, lessons, or require a customized package.

SUP   Rental ~

we offer Starboard SUP which is the leading innovators of Stand Up Paddle and offer the widest range of shapes options!

SUP   Lesson ~

1 ~  From paddling on flat water to riding waves: SUP Class (beginner, intermediate, advanced)

2 ~ Perfect Cross fit training: SUP Fitness Class “Yoga4SUP” (a mix of fitness and Yoga moves on the Paddle Board).

Classes are 90 minutes and you can choose between PrivateSemi-Private and Group  lessons.

We also cater to large companies and corporate events.

Check how SUP-Cabarete is part of the Norwegian School Education program.

Do you need some personal help with deciding on which lesson to attend?

Email Audrey

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